Drew Brees Gets Honest About Denver Broncos’ QB Situation

Drew Brees, Denver Broncos
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It seems like there’s a lot of speculation surrounding the Denver Broncos and their potential moves for the upcoming season, especially regarding their quarterback situation. If they do indeed part ways with Russell Wilson, as you mentioned, they’ll need to find a suitable replacement.

Drew Brees’ hint about the Broncos potentially looking to the draft for their next quarterback adds fuel to the speculation fire.

“There’s always a shakeup, you know what I’m saying? You know, look, there’s some talented guys in the draft. Unfortunately, they traded quite a bit to get Russ in the first place, so if you’re in a position where you love one of these guys and are going to trade up, do you have the assets? I do know this, you really do have to build your team through the draft.”

Given their draft position and limited early-round picks, they’ll need to be strategic in their approach.

Targeting Jayden Daniels could be an option if he’s projected to go within their reach, but it’s uncertain whether they’ll be able to make a move for him without sacrificing significant assets.

Ultimately, the Broncos’ actual plan will only be revealed in due time, as you mentioned. It’s an intriguing situation, especially with the involvement of someone like Drew Brees, who has a deep understanding of Sean Payton’s coaching style and preferences from their time together with the New Orleans Saints.

Hopefully, Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos will be sitting pretty and be able to develop a young quarterback that ends up being the kind of impact player that Drew Brees was during his career.

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