Indianapolis Colts: 3 Keys to Victory vs. the Washington Redskins

The Colts may finally be washing away the sadness that was Week 1. In a game that ended up coming down to the wire, the Colts fans have a lot to be excited about. Their Week 1 opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals, just took it to their division rival Baltimore Ravens. Considering that the Ravens were favored to win that game, Colts fans should be pleased that their young football team was able to keep up with the Bengals.

But, it’s time to move onto Week 2. The next opponent: the Washington Redskins. The optimism and hope surrounding the team have been suppressed. But, in all reality, fans should be happy that the Colts are being competitive. I understand that there is a certain expectation when you have a guy like Andrew Luck under center. However, the surrounding talent on the roster is lacking. It’s no secret that the Colts are in the middle of a rebuild.

When Doyle fumbled the ball on the drive that was sure to see a score to take the lead in the final minutes, the egos of fans everywhere were deflated. Doyle was shunned on Twitter and blasphemous claims made their ways onto the internet. In my opinion, this was all done in haste.

There were plenty of positives for this young Indianapolis organization to build off of. Plenty of things to be proud of. One of which was the return of Andrew Luck. After a rusty first quarter, Luck got into a rhythm and performed reminiscent of times prior to a shoulder injury that had him sidelined for 15 months. That was the biggest takeaway from what some have deemed as just one big failure.

Moving forward, a win for this young group would do a lot for their overall confidence. On the pages to follow are the keys to victory if Indianapolis hopes to get their first win of this young 2018 season.

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