Los Angeles Rams: 3 Best Individual Performances in Week 8 Win vs. Packers

The Los Angeles Rams just keep finding ways to win, extending their record to 8-0 on the season. They remain undefeated, winning 29-27 against the Green Bay Packers in Week 8.

It was America’s Game of the Week and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Early in the game, it seemed like the Packers had an answer for the Rams high-powered offensive attack.

The genius that is Sean McVay made adjustments that the previous regime couldn’t fathom making (yes, I’m looking at you Jeff Fisher), putting the Rams back on track in a hurry. The Rams put themselves in a good spot right before half, making it 10-8 going into halftime.

The Packers had full control in the first half, but were unable to take advantage of the Rams early offensive struggles. That came back to bite them in the end.

It became a bit of a shootout in the second half though. There were three lead changes in the second half, making both teams’ fanbases chewing their nails to the very end.

For Packers fans, it was nauseating to see Aaron Rodgers not get a chance to lead the Packers downfield, late in the fourth quarter. Ty Montgomery inexplicably took a kickoff out of the end zone, after the Rams took a 29-27 lead with around two minutes remaining.

He would fumble the ball after taking a hit from the Rams Ramik Wilson. The rest is history, as Montgomery became public enemy number one to the fans of Green Bay.

For the Rams they had a few guys impress in another impressive win in Week 8.