Dolphins Trade For Titans’ Derrick Henry In Blockbuster Proposal

Derrick Henry, Dolphins, Titans
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Over the last year, the Miami Dolphins have been aggressively searching for a workhorse running back to pair in the backfield with rising superstar quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Most recently, the Dolphins were said to be discussing a blockbuster trade with the Indianapolis Colts for Jonathan Taylor. While that didn’t happen, the Dolphins may consider switching their focus to Tennessee Titans superstar Derrick Henry.

In the same time period that the Dolphins have been searching for a running back, rumblings have begun spreading that the Titans could trade Henry.

At this point in time in Tennessee, the Titans are not even close to being a Super Bowl contender. That was made clear in Week 1 this year with a 16-15 loss against the New Orleans Saints. If they come to the conclusion that they can’t compete this season, they could opt to shop Henry before the trade deadline.

Bleacher Report took a look at the top trade candidates around the NFL heading into Week 2. They also listed a couple of potential trade destinations for each candidate. When it came to Henry, the Dolphins were at the top of the list for the star back.

“Adding Henry would give the Dolphins another big-play threat. It would also force opposing defenses to respect the inside running game, creating even more space on the back end for Miami’s potent passing attack.”

With all of that being said, let’s dive in and take a look at what a potential trade between the Dolphins and Titans involving Henry could look like.

Dolphins Receive: Derrick Henry

Titans Receive: 2024 First-Round Pick, 2024 Third-Round Pick

For the Dolphins, the trade would be an absolute no-brainer. Henry could be the missing piece to a Super Bowl run for Miami. He still has at least a couple of years playing at an elite level and it’s time to go for it all now with the weapons they have been able to compile for Tagovailoa.

On the other side of the trade, the Titans would have a hard time pulling the trigger on any trade for Henry. However, if they can’t compete, they might as well recoup as much value as they can. Getting a first-round pick next year as well as a third-round pick would be extremely valuable.

Granted, it may take a bit more than this to actually get a deal done. The Dolphins could add a young player or potentially improve the third-round pick to a second-round selection.

No matter what it takes to get this deal done shy of two first-round picks, the Dolphins should go for it. As for the Titans, they will have to make a determination in the very near future about the direction they want to head in as a franchise.