New York Giants Predicted To End Up Landing Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick, New York Giants
NFL Analysis Network

Throughout the course of the NFL offseason this year, everyone was waiting to see where Bill Belichick would end up. Surprisingly, he did not find a new job.

The prospect of hiring Belichick as their next head coach certainly had its allure, but it also raised some concerns.

A recent ESPN report disclosed that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft actively worked against Belichick’s potential candidacy for the Atlanta Falcons coaching position.

The report also shed light on Belichick’s preferred destinations if he were to return to coaching in the league, listing three NFC teams: the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles.

Given this revelation, NFL analyst Craig Carton made a bold prediction, foreseeing Belichick taking the helm at the Giants.

On his recent show, Carton pointed out that Brian Daboll not only faces a strong likelihood of losing his job but also highlighted Belichick’s close ties to the Giants as a consultant.

However, bringing Bill Belichick on board undoubtedly carries significant risks.

While he assured the Falcons of his willingness to collaborate with decision-makers, his reputation for running a tight ship akin to a military operation, coupled with his coaching style, which can alienate both individuals and players, poses potential challenges.

Moreover, Belichick’s primary goal appears to be surpassing Don Shula on the all-time winning list, a feat he could achieve within a few seasons. Considering his advancing age, retirement might loom not long after achieving this milestone, potentially leaving the team that secured him facing a similar coaching conundrum once again.

The New York Giants are definitely a team that makes sense. It will be interesting to see if this prediction ends up coming true.

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