Jets Trade For Titans’ Ryan Tannehill In Massive Proposal

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The New York Jets recently suffered a major loss at the quarterback position. Could a veteran from the conference be a possible replacement? Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill could make a ton of sense.

There was a lot of hope for the Jets coming into the season, but that hope has quickly diminished after the injury to Aaron Rodgers. The quarterback position for New York has been an issue for years, and it finally felt like they got a break this offseason when they acquired Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers.

However, it took just four plays for a buzzing MetLife stadium to go quiet, as Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles early on in the game. Due to the injury to Rodgers, the Jets are now back to Zach Wilson as the starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, and that doesn’t leave a good taste in the mouths of many fans.

There has been a ton of speculation about who the Jets might look to bring in at the quarterback position, and recently Bleacher Report spoke about Ryan Tannehill of the Titans being an option.

Tannehill is certainly an interesting name to monitor for the Jets, as the Titans do seem like their window of opportunity is closing, and they have two young quarterbacks behind Tannehill on the depth chart.

What could a trade between the Jets and Titans for Tannehill end up looking like? Here is an idea we had.

Jets Receive: Ryan Tannehill

Titans Receive: 2024 Third-Round Pick, 2025 Fourth-Round Pick

While Tannehill hasn’t performed all that well the last couple of years, he does figure to be an upgrade to Wilson based on last season’s statistics. Like the Titans, the Jets would provide Tannehill with a strong running game. However, the big difference between the Jets and the Titans would be the weapons in the passing game the Jets would offer compared to the Titans over the last few years.

This speculation will likely depend on how the Titans perform in the AFC South and how Wilson plays for the Jets.

The Jets will have to see how Wilson performs against a very difficult defense in the Dallas Cowboys. It is hard to judge Wilson based on last week’s coming into relief, but this week those excuses will be hard to find. If he continues to struggle, expect the Jets to start hunting for a quarterback.