NFL Exec Wants To See Detroit Lions Trade For Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson, Lions
NFL Analysis Network

One of the most shocking developments during the 2023 NFL offseason is the market for Lamar Jackson or lack thereof. The former MVP had the non-exclusive franchise tag placed on him this offseason by the Baltimore Ravens but thus far, no other team in the league has shown interest in him.

It is a bizarre development as quarterbacks of his caliber would normally garner a ton of interest. A former MVP that has gone 45-16 as a starter is something franchises would normally throw all of their assets at. The teams hoping to land a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft are hoping the player they select can turn out half as good as Lamar Jackson has been thus far.

It feels as if eventually, something will have to give. Either the Ravens will agree to a long-term deal with him or another team will step up to the plate, working out an offer sheet with him. At that point, Baltimore would have the option to either match the deal or let him walk.

Even with quarterbacks flying off the market, there are a few teams that could still use a long-term answer. While the Detroit Lions aren’t the first team that comes to mind in that regard, as they look to be set for the time being with Jared Goff, a former NFL executive that spoke to NFL Analysis Network would love to see them make a run at Lamar Jackson.

“There are quite a few teams around the NFL being talked about as ideal fits for Lamar (Jackson), but one that isn’t being mentioned is Detroit. He would immediately make them a serious contender in the NFC. That’s where I think his perfect fit would be.”

The Lions had one of the best offenses in the NFL last season, but adding a player as dynamic as Lamar Jackson to the unit would take things to another level. Goff is solid in his own regard, but any time the opportunity presents itself to add an MVP to the team, it should be explored.

Detroit isn’t lacking draft capital, so swinging a deal for Lamar Jackson would be relatively straightforward. They have multiple first, second and third-round picks in the next two drafts to build a very compelling package to entice the Ravens to land the electric quarterback.

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