NFL Insider Doesn’t Hold Back On Atlanta Falcons, Justin Fields

Justin Fields, Atlanta Falcons
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NFL insider Jordan Schultz recently suggested that Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields might seek a new NFL team in the upcoming offseason, with the Atlanta Falcons emerging as a potential destination.

Schultz highlighted why he believes Fields could thrive with the Falcons.

“I still think Atlanta makes the most sense. I think most people around the league believe that the Falcons would be interested and that could be an ideal landing spot. Obviously, Fields is from Gainesville, Georgia, so you have that element. But, just in general, the Falcons believe they’re ready to win now. Obviously. [they] still have a young quarterback in Desmond Ridder, who I certainly haven’t written off. But, I think when you consider the type of talent they have there skill position wise there with Drake London, Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson. The fact that Justin Fields could be available would be very appetizing to them, and I believe that would probably make the most sense. I think most folks around the NFL believe that.”

The notion of Fields joining the Falcons holds merit, particularly if the team remains uncertain about Desmond Ridder as their long-term quarterback solution.

Despite facing challenges during his tenure in Chicago, Fields has exhibited glimpses of his considerable talent. A change of scenery, away from the pressures of his current franchise, could catalyze his development and elevate his performance.

Moreover, introducing competition among quarterbacks could benefit the Falcons. By having both Fields and Ridder on the roster, the team could foster an environment where each player pushes the other to excel, ultimately enhancing the overall quarterback position.

Given the Atlanta Falcons’ prolonged absence from the playoffs spanning six seasons, exploring different options becomes imperative. Atlanta could emerge as a compelling destination for Justin Fields as he navigates his future in the NFL.

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