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NFL Insider Predicts Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Will Retire

Michele Tafoya predicts that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce might be approaching the end of his NFL career.

In a conversation with Marc Ryan on CBS Sports Radio, Tafoya suggested that Kelce might retire after this season, similar to his brother. She predicted a win for the Chiefs against the Buffalo Bills in their upcoming Divisional Round game, hinting that Kelce might have additional motivation if it’s his final season.

“I think Travis Kelce is retiring after this season, like his brother,” Tafoya said.

NFL NEWS & RUMORS: Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs Updates

When Ryan pressed for more details, Tafoya declined to reveal her sources but shared her vision of Travis Kelce and his brother, Jason, potentially exploring broadcasting opportunities akin to the Manning brothers’ alternate telecast for Monday Night Football.

She imagined a similar setup for the Kelce brothers on Peacock to complement Sunday Night Football.

“Well, I can’t really reveal my source. But I can just say that I think he’s looking at future plans. Now with his brother retiring — I kinda tweeted this out as a tease — I could totally see those two pulling a Peyton and Eli Manning sorta gig, maybe on Peacock. The companion piece to Sunday Night Football, where you’ve got the Peyton and Eli cast on ESPN2 for Monday Night Football, why doesn’t Peacock do that with the Kelce brothers on Sunday Night Football.”

NFL NEWS & RUMORS: Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs Updates

This theory, however, contrasts with recent statements from Travis Kelce himself. Before the Chiefs’ Wild Card Round victory over the Miami Dolphins, Kelce expressed his enthusiasm for continuing to play football, indicating plans for the 2024 season.

He mentioned exploring interests outside of football, like on-camera appearances and hosting Saturday Night Live but emphasized that these pursuits are more likely in the distant future than in the immediate term.

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