Pittsburgh Steelers Receive Huge Grade For NFL Draft Expert

Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Pittsburgh Steelers quietly emerged as one of the offseason’s standout performers, leveraging strategic moves rather than flashy acquisitions to bolster their roster, particularly during the NFL Draft.

Setting the stage for their offensive revamp, the Steelers first secured Arthur Smith as their new offensive coordinator, followed by the notable additions of quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields.

As the NFL Draft concluded, renowned draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. lauded the team’s performance, giving high praise to General Manager Omar Khan for his adept decision-making.

In his recent ESPN column, Kiper Jr. bestowed an impressive A- grade on Khan’s draft selections, a testament to their effectiveness.

Specifically, Kiper Jr. commended the Steelers for shoring up their offensive line by selecting Troy Fautanu with the 20th overall pick. Describing Fautanu as a “tenacious blocker” with the potential for All-Pro status, Kiper Jr. highlighted his versatility, noting that while he excelled as a guard, some league executives believe he could thrive at left tackle, a position he mastered during his collegiate career at Washington.

The Steelers faced significant offensive challenges in the previous season, enduring struggles under offensive coordinator Matt Canada’s tenure. With an uncertain quarterback situation, the addition of two seasoned veterans aims to inject stability and competitiveness into the team.

Despite offensive woes, the Steelers maintain a formidable defense and benefit from the guidance of head coach Mike Tomlin, renowned for his strategic acumen. With a strengthened roster and Tomlin’s leadership, the Steelers emerge as compelling contenders within the AFC North, poised to surprise in the upcoming seasons.

At this point in time, the Pittsburgh Steelers appear to be a potential contender in the AFC. They have put in a lot of work this offseason and it will be interesting to see how the team looks to start the 2024 season.

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