REPORT: Chris Jones may skip 2020 season if Chiefs don’t give contact extension

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The Kansas City Chiefs still face a need to get a long-term extension done with star pass-rusher Chris Jones. A restrictive financial situation before a potential decline in the NFL salary cap for 2021 has made it quite complicated.

It has only become more complicated for the Chiefs as of late since there is a growing possibility Jones will undergo a holdout in 2020 if a deal doesn’t get done.

There was a recent report from Mike Garafolo of NFL Network discussing the current situation the Chiefs and Jones are in currently. Garofolo stated Jones’ perspective where he views himself as being a ‘$20 million-plus-per-year guy.’

“Chris Jones always viewed himself as a $20 million-plus-per-year guy. The Chiefs frankly never did even before the whole COVID situation, never made an offer north of $20 million. [They] felt like they could get him somewhere below that. A lot of work to be done here if there is going to be a long-term deal for Chris Jones, who was disruptive throughout the regular season and then in the postseason as well — had a pressure in the Super Bowl that led to an interception. This is a guy that has put up the production the last couple years to deserve a long-term deal. Not quite sure it’s going to happen, though.”

In a reply to Arrowhead Live on Twitter quoting Garofolo’s report, Jones expressed he won’t play if he doesn’t receive a contract extension. He stated he was inspired by Le’Veon Bell for this stance.

Unless the Chiefs are willing to make a significant financial commitment to Jones despite the uncertainty facing the NFL salary cap, looking at the trade market might be best. Kansas City is simply in a tough position that won’t have clarity before the 2020 season.

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