The Buffalo Bills Latest Move Back-Stabbed Josh Allen

Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills sent shockwaves through the NFL community with a surprising move on Wednesday, parting ways with star wide receiver Stefon Diggs in a trade with the Houston Texans. However, the repercussions of this trade extend beyond the mere exchange of players—it casts a shadow over the relationship between the team and their franchise quarterback, Josh Allen.

At first glance, the trade seems heavily skewed in favor of the Texans. Buffalo received only a 2025 second-round pick in return, shouldering a staggering $31 million in dead cap space for the current season, and losing their primary offensive weapon by a significant margin.

The departure of Diggs alone would be enough to unsettle Allen, but the situation becomes even more troubling.

Bills general manager Brandon Beane admitted that neither he nor the organization informed Allen about the trade beforehand.

There’s speculation that Allen might have stumbled upon the news via his phone, much like the rest of the NFL community.

It’s worth noting that Allen was aware of the possibility of Diggs being traded, given the ongoing discussions with other teams. However, blindsiding him with the actual trade without clear communication reflects poorly on the Bills.

While Allen had some foresight into the situation, it offers little comfort considering the significant impact of losing Diggs on the team’s offensive dynamics.

Undoubtedly, this trade marks a low point for Buffalo. Not only does it appear to be a loss on the surface, but the handling of the trade and its implications for Josh Allen further tarnish the team’s offseason, characterized by significant losses that diminish their status as a formidable contender in the league.

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