This Chiefs-Commanders Trade Lands Star Defender In Kansas City

Jonathan Allen, Chiefs, Commanders
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The Kansas City Chiefs are facing the possibility of losing Chris Jones in free agency, creating a significant need for them to secure a dependable replacement. One name that has surfaced as a potential target is Washington Commanders’ defensive tackle, Jonathan Allen.

However, the critical question remains: Can the Chiefs successfully acquire him?

What makes this situation intriguing is that there is a potential deal that could benefit both the Chiefs, led by the remarkable Patrick Mahomes, and the Commanders. This trade scenario could potentially bring the two-time Pro Bowler, Jonathan Allen, to Kansas City, all while he remains under his existing four-year, $72 million contract.

In a suggestion from the Bleacher Report scouting department, which identified Allen as a potential trade target for the Chiefs in the upcoming offseason, a mock trade proposal was outlined, aiming to benefit both teams.

The Commanders find themselves in a period of uncertainty and a rebuilding phase, making the idea of trading Allen for multiple draft picks an enticing prospect for them.

For the Chiefs, while Allen may not be at the same level as Chris Jones, he represents a valuable alternative to mitigate the impact of Jones’ potential departure.

To secure Allen, Kansas City would likely need to part ways with two of their 2024 draft picks, specifically in the second and fourth rounds. Many would argue that this is a reasonable price to pay for maintaining defensive continuity and filling the void left by Jones.

Should the Chiefs find themselves unable to retain Jones, exploring a trade for Jonathan Allen is certainly a viable option. However, these considerations are likely to take place once the Super Bowl concludes and the offseason officially begins.

In the 2023 regular season, Chris Jones showcased his prowess in a Chiefs uniform, accumulating impressive statistics that included 10.5 sacks, 30 combined tackles, 13 tackles for loss, and 29 QB hits. His stellar performance earned him his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl selection for the 2023 season, along with a second consecutive First-Team All-Pro honor.

In contrast, Jonathan Allen concluded the 2023 campaign with 5.5 sacks, 53 total tackles, 23 tackles for loss, and 19 QB hits. Despite being a two-time Pro Bowler, he didn’t secure a Pro Bowl spot in the past season. Nonetheless, his potential addition to the Chiefs’ roster could be a significant step towards bolstering their defensive lineup.

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