2 reasons the Chargers should target Jake Fromm at No. 37 in the NFL Draft

The Los Angeles Chargers have a question mark under center for the first time in a long time, so they should target Jake Fromm in April's draft.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

They Have A More Urgent Need at No. 6

At lot of early mock drafts have the Chargers taking either Justin Herbert or Tua Tagovailoa with their first round pick (No. 6 overall). But offensive tackle is a more critical need for them, as might be defensive tackle.

Missing on a quarterback can set a franchise back years. Herbert and Tagovailoa both carry risk, albeit for different reasons, that doesn’t have to be taken on. The Chargers can and should use their first pick on someone like Alabama offensive tackle Jedrick Wills before considering who their next franchise quarterback will be.

If Herbert or Tagovailoa falls and a team below them covets him, the Chargers also would be in a prime position to trade down and get an extra draft pick or two.


  1. Really? Take an OL or DL before a QB?
    Unless that LT is Ron Yary sitting there at 6, forget it.

  2. Nooooo Chargers front office. Rrade back a few picks. Pick up 2 draft picks from a Q.B. needy franchise. Then select Love from Utah state. And still have 2 x – tra draft picks. NOW LOAD UP on Off & Def lineman & C.B’s & W.R.’s & L.B.’s… The CONSISTENTLY COMPETITIVE franchises FOCUS on BIG BODIES w/ skill & smarts & power up front. Off & Def lines wins Championships… Franchise Q.B.’s keep your TEAM n contention to win CHAMPIONSHIPS…
    #Laveska Chanault BEST W.R. n dis yr draft…
    #STUD L.T. & R.T. out of college
    #STUD TRU NT out of college
    #One of TOP 5 W.R. n draft
    #LOCK DOWN C.B. out of college
    #Linebacker depth
    #Safety depth

  3. Would B an honor for Chargers brass. To bring me on board to HELP w/ chargers organization. With intent of bringing and staying a major franchise n NFL… From this point own.. Make tge GREAT CHARGERS FRANCHISE relevant & feared & respected & duplicated because of there NEW FOUND success of consistancy.. From this yr forward..
    #### CHARGERS NEED NEW UNIFORMS going into new ?.. New helmets new erey thang….
    #OUR MOTTO when playing LOOK GOOD PLAY GOOD… DATS TRUUUU ?.. When u feel GREAT & LOOK GREAT… U RIDE DA wave of energy of greatness…

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