3 teams that should consider making a trade for Carlos Dunlap

Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are heading into a pivotal season under Matt Patricia, with 2020 being his third season at head coach. With a combined record of 9-22-1 in his first two seasons, Patricia is on the hot seat to begin next season.

Additionally, even though Patricia is a defensive-minded coach, the Lions were abysmal on the defensive side of the ball. While having the 31st ranked defense, Detroit also finished tied for 31st in sacks.

With Trey Flowers manning one side of the defensive line, Dunlap would be a nice pairing on the other side. Even though he’s excelled as a 4-3 defensive end, Dunlap is capable of fitting in Patricia’s multiple defense.

Patricia knows his job is on the line in 2020 and the defense needs to show improvement if he’s going to be back in 2021. Rather than take a chance on a rookie, trading a later draft pick for Dunlap could be a decent addition for the Lions.