4 factors that could decide the Ravens vs Bills AFC Divisional Round Game

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The Baltimore Ravens will continue their postseason journey in Buffalo against the stout Bills on Saturday night in what is sure to be a very intriguing matchup.

The Bills are lead by Josh Allen, who has been in MVP conversations all season, while the Ravens are lead by a former MVP in Lamar Jackson. Both head coaches are very player friendly and it is lining up to be one of the best games of the weekend.

This battle between these young quarterbacks will be very appealing to watch as both signal callers are each coming off their first career playoff victories. One of the biggest differences between the two teams, is that Baltimore has struggled winning while throwing the ball.

Baltimore tends to rely on it’s running game while Buffalo is overall able to do anything they want with the ball. Both teams have exceptionally good defenses, which is certainly an area that could decide the outcome of this game.

Here’s a look at four factors that could decide the Bills vs Ravens game on Saturday night.

Number One: Defense

Whichever team plays the better defensive game on Saturday will certainly be in the best position to win this game. Defense wins championships and it will show as the Bills and Ravens will each need their units to step up against some bright young talent.

The Bills are known to have one of the best defenses in the league, but nobody should scratch off the Baltimore defense either. Baltimore’s defense is lead by some bright young stars in Patrick Queen and Chuck Clark and they will need to have a big game against the phenomenal Josh Allen led Bills offense.

In a game that features two very exciting offenses, the most impactful portion of the game could come from the defense. Whichever defensive unit plays the best game could come out victorious.

Number Two: Containing Quarterbacks

This matchup between the Bills and Ravens features two of the most mobile quarterbacks in the AFC. Being a mobile quarterback in the NFL is so deadly and both guys will look to utilize their legs on Saturday night if they have to.

It’s going to be very important for the defensive ends and linebackers who are responsible for spying the quarterback to contain these two speedsters. Lamar Jackson will be even more important to contain as he relies on his running game even more so than Josh Allen does.

Allen will be more difficult to contain due to his arm strength and ability to throw a deep ball to a plethora of wide receivers. Jackson is faster and has better agility than Allen, but due to his inability to torch teams with his arm, he will likely be easier to contain.

Number Three: Ball Control

The Ravens and Bills offenses will be squaring off against each other’s great defenses, so it will be very important to avoid turning the ball over. One of the most important things a team can do to stay alive at all points during a playoff game is avoiding turnovers and limit extra possessions for the opposing team, and both squads will need to prove they can do that.

Jackson struggles quite a bit with turnovers, and has all season. Allen is quite a bit better in that regard, but most of his issues come with him fumbling the ball. If these two guys can avoid extra possessions for the opposing team, they will both have a strong chance at coming out victorious.

The Bills and Ravens are both very good at making opponents pay for allowing additional possessions, and avoiding those odds will be crucial in coming out with a win.

Number Four: Coaching

The coaches on each of these teams will play a big role in the outcome of the game. A lot of times in the playoffs we see coaches become more conservative and they don’t want to take chances, but that’s part of being a successful football team.

The team that is coached the best on Sunday will likely win the game and advance to the AFC Championship Game the following week. The Ravens are led by a Super Bowl champion head coach in John Harbaugh while the Bills are lead by the young mastermind Sean McDermott.

The winner of this game will be the team who is coached better and doesn’t give up costly possessions. There is a lot on the line for these two signal callers, and their path to the Super Bowl will reflect on who plays better in this game.

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