CBS Sports Reveals Rough Prediction For New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints
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The New Orleans Saints are struggling to convince fans that a team led by Derek Carr at quarterback and coached by Dennis Allen can make it to the playoffs.

Despite their efforts, many doubt their ability to compete, especially with the improvements seen in other NFC South teams this offseason. Predictions suggest that the Saints might be sitting out the postseason, with the Atlanta Falcons taking the lead instead, according to Cody Benjamin for CBS Sports.

Benjamin argues that the Falcons have what it takes to secure a playoff spot in 2024. He highlights concerns about the recent performance of Kirk Cousins, who has been labeled as one of the most overrated players to switch teams this offseason.

“The” Falcons had all the ingredients for a wild-card run in 2023, except a legitimate signal-caller. Now Kirk Cousins is under center, and while his career suggests more of a steady hand than a special talent, he’s got enough ascending skill talent and underrated defensive support to warrant an instant playoff berth in the wide-open NFC South.”

Cousins, who is approaching 36 years old and is recovering from Achilles surgery, has faced criticism for his lackluster playoff record, having failed to secure a single home playoff victory during his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings.

Comparisons between Cousins and Carr reveal striking similarities in their statistics and career trajectories. Both quarterbacks are joining forces with defensive-minded head coaches who have faced setbacks in their coaching careers, boasting subpar winning percentages.

Despite the optimism surrounding Cousins’ arrival in Atlanta, doubts linger about his ability to outshine Carr on the field.

While the Falcons may boast a talented roster, they have yet to achieve significant success with the lineup Cousins is inheriting. In contrast, the Saints can rely on players with playoff experience, albeit dated. The true test of Cousins’ capabilities will unfold when the season kicks off in September, determining whether the confidence placed in him was justified.

Hopefully, the New Orleans Saints can shock CBS Sports and end up winning the NFC South division and finding their way into the playoffs.

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