San Francisco 49ers: 5 Most Underrated Players in 2018

When one thinks of the San Francisco 49ers in 2018, they’ll think of Jimmy Garoppolo, Joe Staley or Richard Sherman. It’s time to give some less-known guys some love, including these five underrated players entering this season.

Let’s face it. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is the face of the San Francisco 49ers now. If not him, perhaps long-time nemesis, cornerback Richard Sherman. Die-hard fans of the franchise may also single out left tackle Joe Staley.

Most fans around the NFL would know these names. But there are plenty of other Niners deserving of attention too.

Back in the 1980s, wide receiver Jerry Rice was the name everyone knew. Yet his counterpart, fellow wideout John Taylor, was about as underrated a player as it gets.

So who are the John Taylors of the 49ers heading into 2018?

Thankfully, the Niners have a number of them. Only a short while ago, San Francisco was short on blue-chip talent. The 49ers lacked that less-known talent — players who won’t grace the cover of magazines or video games but are nevertheless crucial to a team’s overall talent.

That’s all changed entering this season, however.

While many of San Francisco’s in-tune fans will know these names, these five players certainly don’t garner the attention from the national spectrum.

Let’s give them some love, shall we?

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