NFL Analyst Shares Bold Belief About Cowboys’ Future Plans

Dallas Cowboys
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is still insisting that his team is “all in” heading into 2024 and beyond, but Fox Sports analyst Craig Carton isn’t buying it.

During a recent episode of The Carton Show, Carton said he thinks Jones will eventually break up the team.

No one really knows what Jones is talking about these days.

He initially said the Cowboys were “all in” at the very beginning of the offseason. When they did virtually nothing in free agency, he still insisted they were “all in.” Now, he is essentially tripling down on that statement, saying they are “all in” in spite of the fact that they have yet to reach long-term deals for any of quarterback Dak Prescott, wide receiver CeeDee Lamb or edge rusher Micah Parsons.

Jones said that Dallas fans don’t have to worry about Prescott’s future with the club, but there have also been rumblings that the Cowboys are comfortable allowing the three-time Pro Bowler to play out 2024 on the final year of his deal and then test the free agency next March.

There has also been talk that Lamb could hold out of training camp if he doesn’t receive a new contract (he is also entering the last year of his deal), and a recent report said that Dallas is growing tired of Parsons, which comes just as Parsons became eligible for an extension.

Obviously, the Cowboys have financial constraints. Re-signing players to long-term deals is not as easy as a snap of the fingers like many fans and media pundits make it seem.

But Jones is not doing himself any favors by being so vague on what his definition of “all in” is. If he were more clear from the beginning, he may not be receiving as much criticism as he currently is.

We’ll see if the Cowboys make any progress on contract extensions in the coming months.

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