Chiefs’ Andy Reid Receives Major Bold Future Prediction

Andy Reid, Kansas City Chiefs
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Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has climbed the ladder on the all-time great coaches list over the last several years, as he has won three Super Bowls over the last five seasons.

But can he ultimately catch Bill Belichick in the all-time rankings?

Fox Sports analyst Nick Wright thinks so.

Wright starts by saying that he actually feels Bill Parcells and Bill Walsh are the two best coaches in NFL history but that Belichick is considered the best based on statistical standards.

Going off of that criteria, Wright thinks that Reid can eventually catch—and surpass—Belichick as long as he sticks out the last six years of his contract with the Chiefs.

Wright notes that Reid has been averaging 12 wins per year in Kansas City, and he is currently only 44 wins behind Belichick. He is 70 wins back from Don Shula.

He adds that he will probably pass Belichick in playoff wins over the next several years and thinks that he could even come close to equaling Belichick in Super Bowl victories.

Given that Belichick has won six Super Bowl championships, tying him will be difficult. Reid currently has three to his name, and while the Chiefs are going for a three-peat next season and have been, quite easily, the league’s most dominant team since Patrick Mahomes began starting in 2018, it’s still going to be tough to win three more titles within the next six years.

Injuries happen, other teams get better and weird things may occur in general. While talent and great management are obviously the two main things that win Super Bowl titles, there is also a degree of luck involved, too. You have to bank on all of your players remaining healthy, and sometimes, you even have to have the football bounce a certain way.

So, can Reid ultimately surpass Belichick on the all-time last? In theory, yes, but going over it on paper is much different than actually achieving it in reality.

Keep in mind, it’s not like the Chiefs were incredibly impressive this past season.

We’ll see what Andy Reid does for an encore in 2024. Then we can begin to talk about him eventually usurping Belichick on the all-time list.

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