San Francisco 49ers: Top 5 Takeaways from Week 1 loss vs. Vikings

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

No. 5: Richard Sherman isn’t phased by his injury

The huge question regarding this secondary was if three-time first-team All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman could return to form. Sherman is coming off a brutal Achilles tear in 2017, which is significant considering his position. Sherman was going to be tested against the Vikings’ talented receivers, and his response to that test was a passing grade.

Sherman didn’t lose a single step from his injury. He looked like the same sticky corner as he did in Seattle with the Seahawks.

This is a fantastic sign for the 49ers defense. They desperately needed a standout talent in the secondary. Sherman held his own against the Vikings’ Stefon Diggs, aside from one play. His intellect at the position was vital in this game because he reads a play so quickly. There was no question regarding his discipline. It was really a matter on if his injury would hinder him, but it didn’t slow him down one bit. Not even on the conditioning side.

Sherman was fluid throughout the entire game. He was able to open up his hips and break on a play. I’m just impressed that he still looks like nothing happened. The acquisition of Sherman for the 49ers is going to be a steal when it’s all said and done. Not only are they getting a shutdown corner, but a phenomenal leader. Sherman was seen breaking down the pregame huddle and rallying the troops on the sideline.

If there’s anyone these defensive players are going to listen to, it’s Sherman. There’s a lot to be excited about when it comes to him.

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  1. I don’t know what happened to Pierre Garcon but this is the worst I’ve ever seen him play. He looked as if he intentionally threw the ball down with one of his drops. I was not a fan of him today n if this keeps up we will find someone who can catch the ball that wants a job

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