5 reasons why Aaron Rodgers should stay with the Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers, Packers
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The 2021 NFL offseason has been filled with headlining storylines and crazy circumstances, and the Aaron Rodgers saga has proved to be no different. Rodgers, who was last season’s NFL Most Valuable Player, has been involved in trade rumors all offseason and it started following the Green Bay Packers’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC Championship Game.

Rodgers has reportedly been unhappy with a lot of Green Bay’s personnel decisions and he has been rumored to have wanted out. However, he shouldn’t get too caught up in all the negatives and stick around in Green Bay.

Here’s a look at five reasons as to why Rodgers should stick it out with the Packers.

5. He Has Been With The Franchise His Entire Career

The first reason we have as to why Rodgers should remain in Green Bay is because he’s been there his entire career. While all good things seem to come to an end in the NFL, this shouldn’t be one of those circumstances.

Aaron Rodgers could be the best quarterback the Packers have ever had, and he excelled at replacing one of the league’s best quarterbacks in Brett Favre when he took the reigns from him. Rodgers has been the face of the franchise in Green Bay for years and he shouldn’t look to end that reign anytime soon.

4. The System And Staff Are Familiar And Comfortable

The second reason as to why Rodgers should stick it out in Green Bay is because he knows the staff and the system like the back of his hand. While Rodgers would likely succeed for any team he moves on to (if a trade does wind up happening), it would certainly be a transition, especially with a shortened offseason.

Rodgers hasn’t had to relocate or learn a new offense in over 16 years and trying to pick up a new system could prove to be very difficult for the 37-year-old gunslinger. Sticking it out in Green Bay gives Rodgers a better chance to sustain success.

3. Green Bay Is A Very Competitive Football Team

The third reason Aaron Rodgers should stick around in Green Bay is because the team is competitive. The Packers made it all the way to the NFC Championship Game in 2020 and nearly knocked off the eventual Super Bowl champion Buccaneers to play in the big game themselves.

Rodgers managed to succeed without a lot of depth in the receiving room and he could continue to do the same moving forward. If Rodgers truly cares more about winning than personal desires, he would put everything else aside and stick it out in Green Bay.

2. Rodgers Is Seeing A Ton Of Success

The fourth reason why we think Aaron Rodgers should stay in Green Bay is because he’s fresh off an MVP season. All the frustration that Rodgers reportedly had following the Packers’ selection of Jordan Love in 2020 was used as fuel on the football field, and he cashed in on an MVP trophy last season.

Rodgers proved that he doesn’t need a lot of weapons in order to be successful, and sticking it out in Green Bay could allow him to obtain even more success.

1. The Opportunity To Continue Proving Everyone Wrong

The fifth and final reason Rodgers should stick it out in Green Bay is because he can continue to prove everyone wrong. The major attribute Rodgers has that makes him loved by pretty much everyone (sorry Chicago fans) is his ability to beat the odds.

Aaron Rodgers has beat the odds throughout his entire football career and sticking around in Green Bay could allow him to continue to do the same. He may not the situation or the front office, but he can continue to prove their opinions wrong by shining on the football field.