Chicago Bears: 3 Bold Predictions for the 2018 NFL Season

The Chicago Bears struggled for wins with general manager Ryan Pace. This offseason, however, he made a series of moves to change all that. Was it enough?

The Chicago Bears struggled for wins in the three years under general manager Ryan Pace. Yes, they weren’t very good when he took over, but the turnaround hasn’t happened. This offseason, however, he tried to change all of that.

Just weeks after the last game played in 2017, Pace made a change of head coaches. Out went the dinosaur John Fox and in came the offensive-minded Matt Nagy. Nagy brought in Mark Heinrich to give the Bears a high-octane, pass-heavy offense.

Pace also surrounded second-year quarterback Mitch Trubisky with weapons. Through free agency, he added receivers Allen Robinson and Taylor Gabriel. Also, he added tight end Trey Burton. In addition, he signed Cody Parkey to help the field goal situation.

In the draft, Pace got linebacker Roquan Smith (though still unsigned), wide receiver Anthony Miller, and offensive lineman James Daniels in the first two rounds.

Pace didn’t forget about the defense. In addition to Smith, he drafted linebackers Joel Iyiegbuniwe and Kylie Fits, defensive lineman Bilal Nichols and another wide receiver, Javon Wims.

The question now is whether those moves were enough. Some think so, believing the Bears are now a playoff contender. Just hovering around eight wins is a good step forward, though.

This should be an interesting season for the Chicago Bears. Before it starts, here are three bold predictions for the 2018 season.

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