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Dallas Cowboys Legend Brutally Rips Into Team’s Coaches

Emmitt Smith, the legendary figure of the Dallas Cowboys, has expressed his disillusionment with the direction of the franchise in recent years.

In a candid interview on “PFT Live” on Friday, Smith did not hold back in his criticism of the team, from top management to the players on the field.

“Things have to change. I thought the reason why I was so convinced that [McCarthy] was going to get fired because last year there was a whole lot of talk about ‘OK, this might be it. If he doesn’t perform this year, OK.’ You’re gonna accept twelve wins and the playoff berth, but you’re gonna accept the way we got kicked out of the playoffs? I mean, dominated.”

One of the most surprising aspects for Smith was the decision to retain coach Mike McCarthy after the Cowboys’ disappointing 48-32 playoff loss to Green Bay. He openly questioned the wisdom of this move and implied that it reflected poorly on owner Jerry Jones.

Furthermore, Smith didn’t mince words when it came to the current players of the Cowboys. He accused them of coasting on the team’s past successes and failing to demonstrate the same level of dedication and fighting spirit that characterized his era.

According to Smith, today’s players seem more focused on seeking attention than earning it through their performance on the field.

In contrast to his own experience, where players felt a strong sense of responsibility to uphold the team’s legacy and honor the legends who came before them, Smith feels that today’s Cowboys lack that same drive and commitment.

It’s evident that Smith’s comments will not sit well with Jones and the Cowboys organization. Jones, who has made bold promises about the team’s future success, may find Smith’s blunt assessment challenging to ignore. However, Smith remains adamant that he wants to see these promises translated into tangible results on the field rather than mere rhetoric.

Overall, Smith’s critique serves as a wake-up call for the Cowboys, urging them to reflect on their current approach and rediscover the winning mentality that defined their glory days.

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