Denver Broncos Coach Gets Brutally Honest On QB Situation

Sean Payton, Denver Broncos
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Broncos find themselves in a pivotal position as they approach the offseason, with the question of their quarterback situation looming large.

Despite recent speculation about Russell Wilson potentially returning next season, the team’s decision to bench him and express doubts about his long-term role suggests a need for a more definitive solution at the position.

Even if Wilson were to return, his age and recent performance make it clear that the Broncos should explore options for a younger, sustainable quarterback to lead the team in the long term.

While there has been talk of the Broncos trading up in the NFL Draft to secure a quarterback, uncertainty surrounds their plans. Head Coach Sean Payton recently indicated to Broncos beat reporter Zac Stevens that the team has yet to thoroughly evaluate potential rookie quarterbacks, leaving their strategy open-ended.

“Everything you’ve heard and read about us — ‘Oh, we’re going to trade up, trade down’ — I can’t tell you the jersey numbers of these rookie quarterbacks. We haven’t even seen them yet.”

This cautious approach may stem from a realization that the Broncos lack the draft capital to execute a significant move in the draft. However, the possibility of Wilson’s return remains uncertain, especially given the strained relationship between him and Payton.

Although Wilson’s tenure with the Broncos hasn’t yielded the expected results, his potential departure could open the door for a fresh start elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Broncos find themselves tantalizingly close to contending in the AFC West, with a competent quarterback being the missing piece to elevate them to true contention.

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