Eagles’ Jalen Hurts Facing A Ton Of Pressure Heading Into 2024

Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
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Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles find themselves squarely under scrutiny at present.

Head Coach Nick Sirianni navigated through a turbulent conclusion to the previous season, but he’s poised to begin the upcoming campaign with intensified scrutiny.

Yet, Sirianni may not be the sole Eagle feeling the weight of expectations.

According to NFL analyst Kimberley A. Martin, Hurts is currently facing immense pressure.

During a discussion on ESPN’s “First Take,” Martin emphasized that despite the numerous coaching changes under Sirianni’s leadership, Hurts still needs to demonstrate his capabilities.

Despite flashes of brilliance, there have been lingering doubts about Hurts, even prior to his pivotal role in the team’s journey to the Super Bowl.

This perspective holds merit.

Just a couple of years back, some voices among fans and pundits were advocating for the Eagles to part ways with Hurts. In response, he delivered a season marked by MVP-worthy performances, leading the team to the climax of the season.

Hurts secured a significant contract, but faced regression in the subsequent season. Though injuries hindered him, and the Eagles, under Sirianni’s helm, struggled significantly. Nevertheless, football remains a game where the quarterback bears significant responsibility.

While Howie Roseman might contemplate changes in coaching leadership, Jalen Hurts will likely continue to shoulder the weight of wins and losses, particularly in the eyes of the fans.

Consequently, he must reaffirm that his past success wasn’t a fluke or anomaly, but rather indicative of his true capabilities.

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