Evaluating best case scenarios for Dak Prescott, Cowboys in contract talks

Dak Prescott, Cowboys
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Mutually Beneficial Outcome

There is value in clarity for both the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott prior to the potential implications of the Covid-19 situation. Failing to come to an agreement could add further complications to the situation in the 2021 offseason if an agreement isn’t reached.

The Cowboys simply coming to an agreement on a four-year deal with Prescott appears to be the most mutually beneficial outcome. There could be plenty of uncertainty next offseason if the NFL doesn’t undertake a cap smoothing to mitigate some immediate impact.

Having the franchise tag open to be able to use on a different player would be a real benefit for the Cowboys. Considering they’d have to pay Prescott $37 million anyways, it just doesn’t make sense to be put into position where they may have to use that designation on him next offseason.

The bottom line is that reaching an agreement on such a deal would show a commitment to Prescott from the Cowboys. They may need to pay him more on the next deal in the distant future, but resisting that it isn’t worth the potential short-term consequences.