James Bradberry Reveals Why He Signed With The Eagles

James Bradberry, Eagles
NFL Analysis Network

New York Giants general manager Joe Schoen did everything he could to find a trade partner that would take on new Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry. But, every franchise around the league knew the situation that the Giants were in with their salary cap, so no one was willing to part ways with a draft pick. That is most likely because they knew Bradberry would eventually have to be released so that New York had the cap space to sign their draft class.

Getting released is likely what Bradberry was hoping for as well as it would mean he got to choose the next franchise that he would be suiting up for. After being a free agent for nine days, Bradberry settled on a team he has become familiar with facing off against the last two seasons, the Eagles.

That one has to sting for Giants fans, as Bradberry had been one of their best players the last few seasons and will now be suiting up for a division rival. In a recent discussion with John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Bradberry revealed why he chose to sign with the Eagles. He took one look at the roster and was sold that Philadelphia was where he wanted to be.

“I saw the guys on the D-line, and as a DB, sometimes your best friend is the D-line,” Bradberry told Clark. “So, I’m looking forward to it.”

Scheme fit was also important to Bradberry, and Philadelphia’s defense plays to his strengths. The secondary was a major issue for the Eagles not too long ago, but now it has become one of the strengths of the team. 

Bradberry is now the second impact cornerback that the team has acquired in the last two years, as they also traded for Darius Slay in 2020. Slay is someone that Bradberry is excited to play with, as the Eagles now have arguably the best defensive back tandem in the NFL.

When you include slot corner Avonte Maddox, the Eagles have one of the best secondaries overall in the entire league. If they can make another upgrade at the safety position, watch out for them.