Los Angeles Rams: 3 Goals for Todd Gurley in 2018

A Vince Lombardi Trophy

New York Jets rookie Sam Darnold after 2018 NFL DraftIt’s safe to say that everyone in the national football league has this same goal, but only a select few each season have been put in the position to attain that goal. You can want a Super Bowl ring ten times more than the guy standing next to you, but if your team is not in contention, it just isn’t happening.

In 2017, Gurley got his feet wet by starting in his first ever playoff game. He eclipsed 100 yards on 14 carries for a staggering 7.2 yards-per-carry. More importantly, he protected the ball for 60 minutes of football never relinquishing control to the opposing defense. Though they didn’t win that game the postseason ice had been broken. It’s also safe to say that they’ve made the proper corrections since being eliminated from postseason play.

The Rams already had a young promising signal caller, and a workhorse at running back with a knack for gaining yardage, but this past off-season the front office broke out the checkbook in epic proportion. The team is loaded with more depth and talent than last year. Not to mention the roster is fully intact minus injury. The 53-man roster will be set for a deep playoff run. This not only bodes well for the city of Los Angeles, it bodes well for their superstar running back.

At the risk of sounding cliché, the stage has already been set, Todd Gurley just has to lead this team to the promised land.