NFL: 5 fifth-round picks for fans to keep an eye on in 2020

Tyler Johnson, Buccaneers, NFL Draft
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes the best players to come out of the NFL Draft don’t hear their names until fans have already turned off their TVs and stopped paying attention. However, it’s a mistake to overlook what late-round prospects can accomplish.

Several prospects that viewed as late-second to early-fourth-round picks fell into the fifth-round of this year’s NFL Draft. With an abundance of talent remaining in play, multiple retooling teams took advantage and snagged these fifth-round gems.

Today’s article details five fifth-round selections who could make an impact for their teams this coming season. These players project mostly as role players at the start of the year, but there is reasonable outlook for them earning starting roles before their four-year rookie deals end.

So, while this is an article addressing how young players can impact the upcoming season, it identifies developmental prospects who could become household names in the coming seasons.

When identifying prospects, the process involved going through multiple draft profiles, physical characteristics, and analyzing collegiate performances. However, it’s worth noting that the NFL Draft is at its core one big lottery. No one knows who will succeed. If they did, we’d never have any busts.

There’s a chance all five of my selections today go up in flames by the time the 2020 season ends, but there is a real chance the following rookies can become mainstays in the NFL.