NFL Analyst Reveals Massive Pressure For Packers’ Jordan Love

Jordan Love, Packers
NFL Analysis Network

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love is set to make his debut this season as the team’s starter. He has some massive shoes to fill taking over the job from Aaron Rodgers, who was traded to the New York Jets before the draft.

After sitting for three seasons behind him, Love should be prepared to step into the lineup. The Packers are confident enough in him that they didn’t even bring in competition, as the starting job is 100 percent his. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t pressure involved.

In a recent episode of Get Up on ESPN, NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky shared his list of NFC quarterbacks who are under the most pressure in 2023. Atop that list is Love, followed by Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears, Daniel Jones of the New York Giants, Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys and Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals.

Orlovsky makes some very good points in his argument for having Love at No. 1 on the list. He was a first-round draft pick out of Utah State in 2020 and has only one start under his belt in three seasons. There is pressure built in from his draft pedigree but also the fact that he is taking over for a future Hall of Famer in Rodgers.

The Packers also worked out a contract extension with Love this offseason, essentially guaranteeing he will have two seasons to prove that he is the starter. There is pressure involved in that as Love knows this is potentially the only chance he will have to show Green Bay that he should be their franchise quarterback.

After falling one game short of the playoffs last season, as the Packers lost to the Detroit Lions in Week 18, there will be pressure to get the team back into the playoffs as well. Being a starting quarterback in the NFL isn’t easy, but there are certainly guys in the league that will have it easier than Love in 2023.

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