NFL Exec Makes Final Aaron Rodgers Trade Prediction

Aaron Rodgers
NFL Analysis Network

The season ended for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers more than four weeks ago, yet they are being talked about as much as anyone heading into Super Bowl 57. Unlike the quarterback situations for the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, who have Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, the one in Green Bay is unsettled.

There has been a lot of speculation that 2023 could be when the Packers finally turn to Jordan Love to take over as their starter. That means future Hall of Famer, Aaron Rodgers, would be moving on in one way or another.

Opting for retirement seems unlikely, especially with the salary he has coming his way if he continues to play. Being traded is certainly a real possibility, but there would be some hurdles to overcome in that regard also, namely his contract and compensation in return for him.

As a result, everyone has a different opinion on where Aaron Rodgers could end up and how much it could ultimately cost to land him. A former NFL executive that spoke to NFL Analysis Network offered up their opinion on the matter.

“The Jets are certainly going to throw an aggressive offer at Green Bay. Despite their efforts, I think Aaron (Rodgers) is going to find himself in Las Vegas. Davante Adams wants him and the Raiders are going to try to grant their superstar wide receiver his wish. There’s enough pieces to get that deal done.”

The New York Jets have been the team mentioned most often as the next landing spot for Aaron Rodgers and with good reason. Owner Woody Johnson has made it very clear that quarterback is where he wants to see an upgrade this offseason and is willing to pay whatever it takes. He is under the belief that quarterback is the missing piece to the Jets turning into a contender.

But, as the former executive noted, the Las Vegas Raiders can make a strong pitch as well. Reuniting with Davante Adams would certainly be appealing as the two were a dominant duo together during their time in Green Bay. If Aaron Rodgers and head coach Josh McDaniels can get on the same page, the Raiders could be a very dangerous team.