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NFL Legend Brett Favre Shares Major Warning To Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift made her presence felt at the frigid playoff victory of the Kansas City Chiefs against the Miami Dolphins on Saturday night.

Despite the below-zero temperatures, the Chiefs managed to triumph over the Dolphins, securing their spot in the NFL Playoffs Divisional Round. Their next opponent will be either Houston or Buffalo.

The question arises: if the Chiefs face an early exit, will Taylor Swift be held responsible?

NFL Hall of Famer Brett Favre seems to think so. He suggested that Swift’s attendance might be seen as a distraction to the Chiefs’ performance.

“If they don’t win it or get to the Super Bowl, people are going to say, ‘That’s why.'”

Nonetheless, Brett Favre expressed confidence in the Chiefs’ prospects in the upcoming games.

“Until Andy Reid is unseated as the champion, I have to see it to believe it.”

It’s highly likely that we will witness Taylor Swift in the stands again during the Chiefs’ Divisional Round playoff game.

As of now, it appears that her presence has yet to bring any ill fortune to the team.

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