NFL Writer Suggests Giants and Cardinals Make Massive Trade

Daniel Jones, New York Giants
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The New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals were two of the worst teams in the NFL this season, with both clubs landing draft picks in the top six.

Both squads also feature questions under center, which has Bleacher Report’s Brad Gagnon wondering if the franchises could ponder a quarterback swap.

In a piece where Gagnon discusses five big trades that could change the league’s landscape, he proposes that the Giants trade Daniel Jones to the Cardinals for Kyler Murray.

Gagnon notes that New York would obviously have to sweeten the pot, as Murray is more accomplished than Jones, and while he has a hefty contract, so does Jones (although Murray is a bit more expensive).

He adds that he would be interested to see what Murray could do in Mike Kafka’s offense.

So, just how realistic is this potential trade?

The chances of it actually happening are slim to none. The Cardinals seem very committed to Murray for the time being, and based on how poorly Jones played in the limited action he saw in 2023, it’s hard to imagine Arizona would even consider moving Murray for Jones at this juncture.

Perhaps this would have been a more interesting swap for the Cards last offseason following what was an impressive 2022 showing by Jones.

This past year, however, Jones totaled two passing touchdowns and six interceptions in six starts before ultimately going down with a torn ACL.

Meanwhile, Murray—who suffered an ACL tear himself in 2022—made eight starts in his return from injury, throwing for 1,799 yards, 10 touchdowns and five picks while completing 65.7 percent of his passes and posting a passer rating of 89.4.

Neither Jones nor Murray resemble world beaters thus far in their careers, but there is no doubt that Kyler Murray holds considerably more value than Daniel Jones right now.

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