Pittsburgh Steelers Could Target Intriguing Free Agent Cornerback

Sean Murphy-Bunting, Pittsburgh Steelers
Denny Simmons / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Pittsburgh Steelers wasted no time initiating offseason changes, commencing their restructuring just a day following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory.

In a strategic maneuver aimed at freeing up cap space for the upcoming 2024 season, the Steelers opted to part ways with Mitch Trubisky, Pressley Harvin III, and Chukwuma Okorafor.

This series of roster adjustments resulted in an impressive $12 million-plus increase in available cap room, positioning the team to potentially bolster its lineup as free agency looms on the horizon next month.

Among the key areas ripe for enhancement with this newfound financial flexibility is the cornerback position.

Within the realm of Steelers fandom, Parker Abate has identified a potential target for the team’s pursuit in free agency: Sean Murphy-Bunting of the Tennessee Titans.

Murphy-Bunting’s tenure with the Titans during the 2023 season, following four years with the Buccaneers, suggests he may be seeking a fresh start once again in 2024.

While his individual performance in 2023 was not exceptional, marked by just two interceptions and a completion rate of 65.2% for passes thrown in his direction, Murphy-Bunting did contribute with 8 defended passes and 57 tackles over the season.

Although he may not have lived up to the Titans’ expectations as a definitive upgrade at the position, Murphy-Bunting could potentially fulfill a pressing need for the Pittsburgh Steelers at cornerback without imposing a significant financial burden.

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