This Patriots-Broncos Trade Sends Jerry Jeudy To New England

Jerry Jeudy, Patriots, Broncos
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The New England Patriots have gotten things back on track in the last four weeks of the season. After coming out of the gates 1-3, they have gone 3-1 over their last four, inserting themselves right back into the playoff mix in the AFC. Could they look to make a big trade with the Denver Broncos for wide receiver Jerry Jeudy?

While their biggest issue looks like it will be the quarterback position as Mac Jones has regressed and Bailey Zappe, despite some positive flashes, likely isn’t the answer either. A new quarterback option is highly unlikely to walk through that door ahead of the deadline, but the Patriots could look to get their signal callers some help.

One player that could be of interest to the Patriots is Jerry Jeudy of the Denver Broncos. Jeudy has caught passes from Jones in the past, as their time at Alabama overlapped. When Jones stepped into the starting lineup for an injured Tagovailoa, Jeudy was the leading receiver, catching 77 passes while playing alongside DeVonta Smith, Henry Ruggs III and Jaylen Waddle.

Jeudy has the potential to be a No. 1 receiver in the NFL as he can line up all over the field and has an extensive route tree. His footwork and route running are both extraordinary, but inefficient and inconsistent quarterback play has set him back thus far in his career.

Jones and Zappe haven’t been much better than Russell Wilson or who Jeudy has caught passes from previously, but the built-in chemistry and rapport he has with Jones are certainly positive. What would a trade for Jeudy look like for New England?

The price will not be cheap. Denver isn’t going to just give him away as they will need a very enticing offer to move the No. 15 overall pick from the 2020 NFL Draft. The Broncos are reportedly looking for two Day 2 picks to part ways with Jeudy, likely a second and third-rounder.

New England has a few extra draft picks from previous trades in the 2023 NFL Draft that they can dip into. Looking to keep their top picks, New England could try and offer a third and sixth-round pick via the Carolina Panthers, their own fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick via the Las Vegas Raiders in exchange for Jeudy.

This is a quantity-over-quality offer. The Patriots would likely want to hold onto their first and second-round picks, especially if they end up in the market for another quarterback in 2023.