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Why Patriots Hired Jerod Mayo To Replace Bill Belichick, Revealed

Jerod Mayo’s appointment as the next head coach of the New England Patriots took many by surprise, given his limited coaching experience at any level. However, what set him apart and ultimately led to his selection by Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his family was something they saw beyond the traditional coaching credentials.

According to Sports Illustrated NFL insider Albert Breer, the Krafts had a strong “gut feeling” about Mayo.

They were searching for a unique blend of qualities, including leadership, a strong work ethic, emotional intelligence, overall intellect, and a remarkable ability to connect with and motivate young players.

Breer’s report highlighted how the Krafts had observed these qualities in Mayo from the moment he joined Bill Belichick’s coaching staff in 2019. His leadership skills and the positive influence he had on the team were evident.

While he checks those boxes, the move was ultimately made also due to a “gut feeling” that the Kraft’s have.

“The gut feeling on Mayo, I’m told, is about what the Krafts believe is most important in a head coach in today’s NFL — leadership, work ethic, emotional intelligence, overall intellect and, maybe most of all, an ability to communicate, connect with and motivate young guys. The Krafts, again, aren’t guessing on that part. They’ve seen it as Mayo swiftly ascended through the ranks of Belichick’s coaching staff. He’s been the voice leading the defensive meeting room, more or less, since he dived into coaching for the 2019 season.”

However, despite these promising attributes, Jerod Mayo faces an extraordinary level of scrutiny as he steps into the role of head coach. This heightened scrutiny is primarily due to the legendary status of the man he’s succeeding, Bill Belichick.

Adding to the pressure is the Kraft family’s well-known intolerance for failure. With their expectations set high, it appears that the upcoming season for the New England Patriots could be a make-or-break situation, with a playoff appearance likely seen as the minimum requirement for success.

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