NFL Analyst Reveals Rumor Of Cowboys, Dak Prescott Trade

Dak Prescott, Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys’ plans remain a mystery to many observers. With Jerry Jones firmly at the helm, his authoritative control over the team is undeniable.

One decision that has raised eyebrows is the absence of a contract extension for quarterback Dak Prescott. As Prescott heads into the next season with an expiring contract, speculation mounts regarding his future.

Recent murmurs suggest that another team, particularly one in need of a quarterback, could be eyeing Prescott.

NFL analyst Craig Carton touched upon this possibility on The Carton Show, cautioning that while he couldn’t verify the rumor, its mere existence hints at potential developments in Dallas. The rumor suggests that the Las Vegas Raiders could be eyeing a trade for Dak Prescott this offseason.

Given Jones’ penchant for public engagement, he could easily dispel such rumors if he desired. Yet, as a savvy businessman, he might also view this as an opportunity to assess Prescott’s trade value discreetly.

Enter the Las Vegas Raiders, purportedly interested in acquiring Prescott. This potential trade could be a more feasible option for the Raiders than attempting to move up in the NFL Draft. Additionally, Prescott’s skill set could significantly bolster the Raiders’ roster.

Should the Dallas Cowboys harbor any doubts about Dak Prescott’s long-term fit, seizing this moment to explore alternative options could prove prudent.

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