Why the Vikings should consider trading for Eagles QB Carson Wentz

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The Minnesota Vikings were eliminated from playoff contention in their Christmas Day loss to the New Orleans Saints. Coming into the year, many felt that the Vikings would give the Packers a run for their money in the NFC North. Although they had moved off of WR Stefon Diggs, this roster is still talented enough to make the playoffs, but could use an upgrade at quarterback, which brings Eagles QB Carson Wentz into the picture.

One looming question surrounding this team coming into the irregular 2020 NFL season was if Kirk Cousins was “that guy”? Thus far, Cousins has thrown for 3,860 yards, 32 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions. That’s not too bad of a year, as Cousins ranks in the top 10 for touchdowns. But, it appears that the Vikings have enough substantial evidence to move off of Captain Kirk.

In his three years with the team, he has made the playoffs once and won only one playoff game. Each and every year, the Vikings came into each of those three seasons with the same Super Bowl expectations and were disappointed year after year.

Well, now the question remains, what should they do next? Here is why they should trade for Eagles QB Carson Wentz.

The Minnesota Vikings Need To Trade For Carson Wentz

Off the bat, this sounds unrealistic as Wentz comes with a huge cap hit. It would be difficult for both sides to make the money work, but if they were, this team could kick it into a whole another gear. Let’s talk about what the Vikings are currently good at.

For starters, they arguable have a top three running back in the league with Dalvin Cook. His ability to run and catch presents defenses with a difficult challenge. Secondly, they have legit outside weapons in Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson. Tight end Irv Smith Jr. has shown flashes of potential throughout the year. If Wentz were to come into the organization, they could very well resemble the Super Bowl Eagles team.

Although the offensive line wouldn’t be as great, they would be fundamentally the same. Offensively, they would have the ability to establish the run as well as hit the big play down the field. Wentz would have a somewhat reliable option in Irv Smith Jr and Kyle Rudolph at the tight end position as he did in Philly with Zach Ertz.

Defensively, that is what coach Mike Zimmer is best at. They will work on the weaknesses of this defense in the offseason.

If they trade for Carson Wentz, this team truly becomes a legit Super Bowl contender. The stock on Wentz seems to be going down, as he lost his job to Jalen Hurts. But, keep in mind, it was just a couple years ago where Wentz looked like he was about to take the league by storm.

If he never suffered that ACL injury, who knows where he would be today. A fresh start with the Vikings could be exactly what he needs and Carson Wentz would give the franchise a major upgrade over Cousins.