3 ideal free agency landing spots for Clay Matthews

Clay Matthews, Rams
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Clay Matthews was one of the top defensive stars in the entire NFL just a few short years ago with the Green Bay Packers. He was a feared pass rusher and was a hard hitting playmaker. No offensive line wanted to deal with the storm that Matthews brought to the field.

Unfortunately, last offseason, Matthews ended up parting ways with the Packers. He signed with the Los Angeles Rams and actually ended up having a solid 2019 season. This offseason, the Rams made the decision to release Matthews to free up money.

Now, Matthews is still sitting in free agency waiting for an opportunity. He is 33 years old and still capable of playing at a high level. For a team that needs help with their pass rush or even potentially an upgrade at inside linebacker, Matthews could be a target.

During the 2019 season with Los Angeles, Matthews racked up 37 total tackles to go along with eight sacks, two forced fumbles, and three defended passes in 13 games. Those numbers show the ability that Matthews still has to make a major impact.

All of that being said, let’s take a look at three teams who would be ideal landing spots for the longtime star.


  1. Totally agree! If he were on the opposite side of TJ or even as an opposite of Bush it would be an immediate upgrade. They could then take the money offered to Bud and sign Clay and let Bud go to the Eagles or the Packers! What a pass rushing tandem would that be? TJ and Clay Mathews on either side of the line as pass rushers? WOW! That would be an immediate upgrade and make a huge impact! The only other thing the Steelers need is the 3rd Watt! Talk about electricity!

  2. Clay would be a good backup for the Steelers but why on earth would he play opposite of tj, did bud Dupree die or something.

  3. The Steelers rarely get a free agent that makes sense. I would like to see Clay Matthews in the burg but I don’t trust the Steelers to Ben that smart.

  4. Matthews in Pittsburgh sounds great but I’d rather see Pgh. Get a LB in the draft rather than a 33 year old. We need a good Running back that can play 16 games. Love Conners but can’t depend on him. Just Sayin.

  5. I have #52 Jersey for da pack. If memory serves, didn’t Clay have 8 sacks in 6 games for L.A.last year? Then broke his jaw,out for the season. He’s still got a lot in the tank,bring him back,watch an unprecedented come back with 2 great edge rushers. Hell, if he played all last season…20 sacks???

  6. How about retirement. He is an over rated cheap shot artist and all around douche! Let’s hope his next team is the bread lines.

  7. about the Cleveland Browns you know I think they have a real good team the town is really good but that quarterback I I’ve been a Browns fan a long long time and I’m going to tell you he’s too inconsistent I just I don’t see the Browns quarterback then really good I I just needs to inconsistent he’s he’s to up and down you know Baker Mayfield is not the quarterback for the Browns you know he he’s not going to be a number one super star you know like like Cincinnati got with their quarterback and you know some of those other great great quarterbacks I just don’t see Baker Mayfield being a guy I mean Joe watch and see what Joe burrow does the first couple years you can see what the Ravens day with their quarterback you know Cleveland does not have a good quarterback I just don’t like him and I just think he’s not the guy for the for the team and they’re probably not going to go to the playoffs this year neither

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