3 reasons Denzel Mims would be a great pick for the Eagles at No. 21

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles need a big receiving target

The Eagles need more talent at receiver in the worst way and adding a few different types of skill-sets could go a long way. Having a speedy receiver that can stretch the field is always an attractive option and would benefit Philadelphia, but so would a big target like Denzel Mims.

It never hurts to add another receiving threat like Mims that thrives at making catches ‘above the rim’ in jump ball situations with size and body control. That is an asset when needing to get the ball down field and when simply trying to make a play in the red-zone.

There are benefits to having a big receiver that goes beyond just running routes and catching passes. With the way Mims embraces being a run blocker, there is reason to believe he can thrive in a ‘Z-receiver’ role at the NFL level, providing teams with versatility in their offensive system.

When looking at the Eagles’ current roster, the main big target they have is Alshon Jeffery and it pays to have multiple. In addition, he turned 30-years-old in February and it’s unclear how long Philadelphia plans to keep him on the roster, so having a big target to develop makes sense.