5 bold predictions for the Houston Texans against the Titans in Week 6

Texans, Deshaun Watson, Jaguars
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans Will Allow 0 Sacks

Deshaun Watson is third most sacked quarterback in the league. He has been sacked 17 times, ranking behind Joe Burrow (22) and Carson Wentz (19). Watson is also tied for 4th most interceptions, throwing 5 on the early season. Their is a direct correlation between getting hit a lot and throwing interceptions.

The Houston Texans offensive line has always been a weakness. With no Hopkins, it becomes even more challenging for Watson. Luckily for them, this week they will be facing a Titans team that only has 5 sacks on the year. The Titans front four is led by Jadeveon Clowney, who is not known for recording a lot of sacks. Rather, he is a game wrecker who is effective at stopping the run and applying pressure on the quarterback.

This week, I think Watson will utilize his mobility more often. In an attempt to limit the turnovers and control the clock, the run game for the Texans will be huge. David Johnson will be busy as a pass catcher and the read option will be a viable asset for this Texans team.

As bad as they have been through the first five weeks, I see this offensive line stepping up and allowing 0 sacks this week. Also, keep in mind, Deshaun Watson is the ultimate competitor, and more importantly, he is a winner. He will show up and show out as he knows this is a must-win game for his team.