5 dark-horse NFL MVP candidates for the 2020 season

Derrick Henry, Titans, NFL
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL MVP race is always a hot topic of discussion during the season. While there will undoubtedly be familiar names like Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson this season, it is the surprises that often are the most intriguing storylines.

Last season Lamar Jackson was a surprise and the year before that it was Patrick Mahomes. This year, who will be the new face to enter the MVP race?

The dark horse narrative is always a fan favorite. NFL fans love the underdog. These players can be long time veterans who are making a push at greatness. They can be young players making the leap into the upper echelon of the NFL. Whatever the case may be, it always makes an exciting story.

It would be great to see Drew Brees secure his first MVP after a storied career. Russell Wilson finally getting MVP votes after being disrespected every season is well deserved. Tom Brady proving he is still at the top of his game would be an outstanding story. However, none of these players are considered dark horses. They all sit inside the top five for MVP voting odds to start the year.

To be a true dark horse, the odds must be stacked against you. Each season we see a new player rise to the occasion and become a leader. Some teams are betting on their young stars. Others are putting pieces around veterans hoping it will increase their level of play. This season we could very well see a new face of the NFL emerge.

In no particular order, here are five dark horse MVP candidates for the 2020 season.