Bills’ Josh Allen Reveals Brutal Thoughts After Week 1 Loss

Josh Allen, Bills
NFL Analysis Network

The Buffalo Bills suffered a shocking loss to the New York Jets on Monday Night Football to close out Week 1 of the regular season. Not only was it surprising given the fact that they were favorites heading into the game, the Jets were suffering with the shock of losing Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was injured on the Jets’ fourth offensive play of the game. It ended up being a serious injury, as he tore his Achilles, ending his 2023 campaign basically before it was over. It meant Zach Wilson taking over the Jets’ offense again and he struggled in the early going.

But, despite the circumstances, the Bills weren’t able to pull away. The Jets’ defense certainly deserves some credit for how well they played, but Buffalo shot itself in the foot continuously. The most responsible for that is quarterback Josh Allen.

New York was able to make Allen uncomfortable throughout the game, mixing up their schemes and keeping him off balance. Pressure was brought regularly throughout the night and Allen was unable to step up to the occasion.

Eventually, that pressure broke him. Allen committed four turnovers, as one was more head-scratching than the last. It not only kept the Jets in the game but killed any of the positive momentum that the Bills were able to build.

After the game, Allen took full responsibility for how things turned out. He said he was forcing plays and took the blame for the outcome.

Allen has been a turnover machine throughout his career with the Bills. There isn’t a player in the NFL with more turnovers than him since he entered the league in 2018. In 78 appearances, he has thrown 63 interceptions to go along with 54 total fumbles in his career.

The Bills have Super Bowl aspirations, but it will be difficult to achieve them with how frequently Allen is prone to turning the ball over. Most of the turnovers against the Jets were certainly avoidable as he was trying to do too much with the ball.