Green Bay Packers: 3 Keys to Victory vs. the Minnesota Vikings

Packers Wire – USA Today

Establish the Running Game

This point kind of feeds back into the offensive line play. But, I am pursuing it more from the angle of play-calling. Establishing the running game needs to be at the forefront of the Packers game-plan this Sunday.

The Packers only ran the ball 17 times vs the Bears. Yes, a large part of that is due to game script. However, they only ran the ball 9 times in the first half. Considering the essentially equal distribution of the carries over the two halves, I view this as running the ball was not deemed an essential part of the game-plan from the get-go. This needs to change vs Minnesota.

Rodgers is hobbled. This is a top three to five defense in the NFL. Those are just two reasons why running the football should be essential. Running the ball will lessen the Vikings’ pass rush. It will set up play-action. There are a number of reasons that the Packers should run the ball. But, there is one penultimate reason. It definitely keeps Aaron Rodgers upright and in the game. There’s almost no risk for Rodgers to take a big hit when the football is being run. And when Rodgers can stay in the game, there’s always a chance to keep the team in the game.

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