Green Bay Packers: 3 Keys to Victory vs. the Minnesota Vikings

Have you gotten over the magic that occurred under the lights of Lambeau on Sunday? Because I haven’t. I am still high as a kite (as i’m sure Aaron Rodgers still is) from the improbable victory over the Bears. However, we can’t dwell in the past. It’s time to move on, for now. There will always be time to reflect upon Rodgers’ legendary performance.

Shoo out the Bears and usher in the Vikings. One rival after another. This one is not going to be any easier than the matchup against Chicago. Both teams hate each other just as much. And for Rodgers, this one has a hint of vengeance. You can definitely smell it and you almost want to believe that Rodgers can taste it.

After knocking out the star quarterback for the season in only Week 6 last year, Rodgers will be looking to put it to the Vikings. He is going to want to make them pay for ending his season last year. You have to believe that Rodgers has had this date scheduled since the schedules were announced earlier this year. Even with a hobbled left knee, we are going to see Rodgers’ best.

But, there are 22 men on the field at the same time. Overall, the consensus among national media is that the Vikings are the better team. I might even be inclined to agree. However, Green Bay is vastly improved from last year’s squad true and through. I look forward to this being a knock ’em down, drag ’em out type of battle. If the Packers hope to be the one doing the dragging, on the following pages are the three keys they’ll need to come out victorious.

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