Indianapolis Colts: Biggest Strengths and Weaknesses in 2018

Every NFL team approaches the preseason and the 53-man roster differently. This approach usually aligns with a “five-year plan” of sorts. For some teams this plan is to win a championship now. For others, it is one that involves an organizational rebuild. And some, as it would appear, don’t really have a plan. The Colts, in my opinion, are undergoing a rebuild.

When you look at the roster moves that general manager Chris Ballard has made, I believe this speaks to the fact that the team is currently rebuilding. By releasing veteran players like linebacker John Simon to make way for the growth of younger players, you are putting a rebuild into full swing.

Rebuilds are OK. As long as fans are able to understand, and possibly even alter, their expectations, a rebuild can be an exciting time for an organization. Organizations need to endure this period in order to scamper back up the stairs to their place of once former glory. It happens and it’s not a big deal.

But, what fans shouldn’t want, is the mismanagement of talent. This can delay a rebuilding process several years. This is why a good general manager is key. The general manager makes all of the decisions and ultimately evaluates the talent brought onto the roster.

This is currently the stage that the Colts are at within this rebuild process. They are evaluating talent. That takes time too. This process isn’t going to happen overnight.

So, when I look at the Indianapolis Colts, I think it is important to adjust the lens a little bit. If, like myself, you view the Colts as a team undergoing this rebuild process then it is important to evaluate the team from that point of view. What are they doing well? How can they be better? What do they need to improve? Who has a future on this team and who doesn’t? These are the questions that will need to be answered as the 2018 season pushes. on.

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