Leonard Fournette: 5 teams who should pursue the RB before Week 1

Dwayne Haskins, Redskins

2. Washington Football Team

There is a substantial opening at the running back position for the Washington Football Team after the release of Derius Guice. The team has not made an external personnel acquisition in order to address it and that leaves them in a prime position to pursue Leonard Fournette.

When looking at Washington heading into 2020, it’s clear they are in store for a rough season in the win column. Outside of Terry McLaurin, they lack much for receiving threats and will be relying a lot on Adrian Peterson to shoulder the load out of the backfield.

Considering how Peterson is 35-years-old, it would be wise to find an effective backfield partner to help alleviate some of the burden he potentially faces. Fournette would be able ideal for this role and could learn from the former All-Pro to better tap into his potential.

The opportunity to sign with Washington does have some real appeal when thinking of it long-term. He could take over the primary running back role and wait for the team to add some talent on offense. The defense is already made real strides, so that’s something to consider.

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  1. You can tell the writer of this article drafted Fournette in his Fantasy team. Lol as this is more of a wish list.

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