Lions Could Be Potential Trade Destination For Jimmy Garoppolo

Jimmy Garoppolo, Lions
NFL Analysis Network

As we move closer to the regular season kicking off in the NFL, teams are beginning to pinpoint exactly what holes they need to address on their rosters. Sometimes it is something a team has no control over, such as an injury, that causes a plan to be adjusted. Or a player was ineffective with the opportunities presented to them and a change is needed. For the Detroit Lions, the backup quarterback position has emerged as a need.

Jared Goff remains the starter, for now, but the depth chart behind him could certainly use some upgrading.

Right now, Tim Boyle and David Bough make up the depth chart behind Goff. Boyle started three games for the Lions last season and they went 0-3 as he struggled to consistently get the offense moving. In those three games, Boyle threw for only 526 yards, including a 77-yard performance against the Cleveland Browns in Week 11.

One name to keep an eye on if the Lions do hit the market looking for a backup quarterback is Jimmy Garoppolo of the San Francisco 49ers. According to NFL Rumors on Twitter, Garoppolo could be a match for Detroit on their search.

Garoppolo is being replaced by Trey Lance in the Bay Area as the team’s starting quarterback. They have been attempting to trade him all offseason, but the shoulder surgery that he underwent is believed to have derailed his trade market.

While he doesn’t put up the flashiest stats, Garoppolo does excel in one area and that is winning. He has led the 49ers to the NFC Championship game twice, advancing to the Super Bowl once. You could certainly do worse for backup quarterbacks than him, as he can step into the lineup and start games in a pinch.

There have been some rumors swirling about the Lions acquiring Mason Rudolph from the Pittsburgh Steelers. With Mitchell Trubisky looking like the starter in Week 1 in Pittsburgh and first-round pick Kenny Pickett progressing behind him, Rudolph could very well become expendable.

Garoppolo and Rudolph would both represent upgrades on what the Lions currently have on their depth chart behind Goff. The Lions would likely feel more comfortable starting one of them than turning to Boyle or Bough should the need arise to replace Goff.