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NFL Analyst Rips Into Packers Fans Celebrating Aaron Rodgers Leaving

Over the past few weeks, the Green Bay Packers’ fanbase has been going through a rollercoaster of emotions. Now, everyone knows that superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be leaving town, and he is not leaving on the best of terms. Just like the Brett Favre situation 15 years ago, the franchise is losing a loved player and not in a good way.

While Rodgers is leaving and that has made a lot of fans sad, many fans are celebrating his departure. It’s understandable that fans are excited to move forward with a young and talented quarterback like Jordan Love, but Rodgers has meant and done too much for the organization to treat him badly on the way out.

That is a sentiment that NFL analyst Adam Schein has echoed following the news that Rodgers is leaving Green Bay.

“If you’re a Packers fan and you’re celebrating, screw you!”

He’s 100 percent right on that quote. No fan in Green Bay should be happy that things are going the way they are. It’s fine to want a change, but to celebrate arguably the best Packers’ player of all-time leaving is not a good look.

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In his career with the Packers, Rodgers will end up completing 65.3 of his pass attempts for 59,055 yards, 475 touchdowns, and 105 interceptions. He also picked up 3,466 yards on the ground to go along with 35 touchdowns.

Unfortunately, the Packers were only able to win one Super Bowl with Rodgers leading the way. Who would have thought that Rodgers would never win another Super Bowl after they defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers to win a title back in 2010? It just shows how fast time passes and how difficult it is to win a championship.

All of that being said, seeing Aaron Rodgers in Jets’ green is going to be very strange. After how much he has done for the Packers, it’s sad to see some fans happy to run him out of town. Every true Packers’ fan wishes him the best and will miss Rodgers being under center for Green Bay.

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